Quick Tips to Identify your Weak Areas in CLAT Exam Syllabus

Success is purely a result of hard work, tiring efforts and determination and it absolutely has nothing to do with your luck. As a candidate rolling up your sleeves for the country’s largest law entrance test, CLAT, you got to stand by the fact! There are 50,000 plus candidates competing to grab their seats out of total 2,300 odd seats across 19 esteemed Indian law universities. Isn’t that highly competitive? Nevertheless, each one of the appearing candidates has got equal opportunity placed in front. Your probability of winning depends on your preparation method through strategic and constant weak area analysis.


Strengths and weakness: In your course of preparation for the CLAT 2019, there are going to be subjects and areas where you are strong and confident. Here, it is going to be just enough if you revise the topics from time to time. The ‘real’ challenge is different. It lies with areas which are tough and challenging that often gets your performance poor. Below are quick tips to easily identify your weak areas and constantly improve your preparation.


Online CLAT Mock Tests – There is nothing more satisfying than to appear for a Mock Test ahead of your real CLAT exam. These CLAT Mock tests give you the exact exam hall experience with stipulated time frame to answer the questions that are carefully curated as per the latest CLAT 2019 syllabus. It helps you identify areas that you ponder over for a long time, and still get your answers wrong. You can discover the topics where you invested a lot of time, but stammer while answering in the CLAT Mock. These are easily your areas of weakness that invites more of your attention, time and concentration.


Personal Guide – Whether or not you are a self-made person, the need for expert advice to direct you in the right path inevitably persists. Online exam assistance like Test Helper, as the name indicates, help you thrive in your final CLAT test. Test Helper serves as your personal guide and mentor to elevate your preparation level by deeply assessing your performance in CLAT Mock Tests and it precisely identifies your areas of weakness. Test Helper does not stop with it but runs the extra mile to give you a comprehensive performance analysis report that will help you understand your strengths and weakness in law exam preparation.


Test-Assess-Study-Repeat – As a proficient candidate, you should have the perseverance to constantly improve your weak areas by challenging yourself with subsequent tougher Mock Tests – Test Helper has exactly the same. As your weak areas are identified based on your CLAT Mock Test performance, Test Helper increases your challenge by framing the consecutive Mock exam paper with predominant focus on your weak spots. Yet again, your performance is assessed, and performance gets analyzed and the cycle repeats on and on until you get strong on all topics.


Previous Exam Papers – Go on and pile up the collection of previous year question papers and practice on them. This helps you get thorough with the most important questions and also figure out the topics that you feel most resistive to remember. Online Test guides like the Test Helper have consolidated bunch of these question papers easily accessible. Go, get the most of it.

Succeeding in CLAT exam 2019 doesn’t just involve learning, but an elaborate cycle of practice, assessment, guidance, mental rest, and confidence. Keep all your powers intact and head up for the preparation. All the best.

Top 10 Smart Techniques For CLAT Exam

If you are preparing for CLAT then you can follow these smart strategy techniques to overcome the issue of preparation:

  1. Plan a study plan

The first step for effective preparation is to plan out how and what will you study. This will help you distribute time among different areas of the syllabus. The only important thing is you need to stick to it.

  1. Know the CLAT 2019 exam pattern

You should be familiar with the CLAT 2019 exam pattern and syllabus. The syllabus and exam pattern renew every year so it is essential that you should be aware of the CLAT 2019 exam pattern and prepare according to it only. The online CLAT 2019 exam pattern is readily available all over the internet, you can always search for these free online CLAT 2019 exam pattern and plan your preparation accordingly.

  1. Time Management

For preparation you should divide the time for the syllabus as per requirement and also to read newspaper, magazines, paperbacks and solving mock tests. For attempting CLAT you should take up various mock test which are based on online CLAT 2019 exam pattern so that you can prepare for real exam.

  1. Planning the paper ahead

This can be achieved by attempting the online mock tests which are based on CLAT 2019 exam pattern. Also, looking through the free online CLAT 2019 exam pattern alone would also help you to workout the approach. You can always check the online CLAT 2019 exam pattern for better perspective.

  1. Reading

For a career in law, your vocabulary must be strong. You should always try and read some credible newspaper daily to improve your vocab, e.g. The Hindu.

  1. Study smart and selective only

You should always know the difference between hard work and smart work. You don’t need to know everything about some topic. Rather planning any subject strategically from good reading materials will be more helpful.

  1. Previous Years Papers

Solving previous year papers will help to manage time and also help you check your progress. Additionally, you should also solve latest mock test which are based on free online CLAT 2019 exam pattern to prepare as per the latest exam pattern and prepare more effectively.

  1. Concentrate on your GK section

GK is different subject as you need cram everything and remember it. Hence, you should always make brief GK notes this will help you retain the content.

  1. CLAT study materials.

You should go for best CLAT study materials available. Not just books but online help like mocks tests, previous year papers, test series. You should use different materials to ensure optimum preparation.

  1. Practice and be consistent

Practice is never enough for an exam like CLAT. And being consistent and regular is also very important to crack this exam. Just do not stop preparing because you might think that you have practised well all the sections and you are ready to face the exam but in reality, it is not enough.

How to Prepare for CLAT 2019 and CLAT LLM 2019

CLAT 2019 is knocking at the door. If you are a CLAT 2019 aspirant worried much about your CLAT preparation, this small piece of writing is absolutely for you. It will throw light on how to prepare for CLAT 2019 and CLAT LLM 2019.

Needless to stay, the introduction of the internet, computer technology and many CLAT online test series have revolutionized the way of effective, strategic and advanced learning. Appearing candidates for this year can easily get to know CLAT 2019 exam pattern over the internet. Based on these, they can take some good strategies and prepare them accordingly for CLAT 2019 and CLAT LLM 2019. Following good timetables, finding out weak areas and repairing these easily can render a very good result and fulfill your dream of becoming a lawyer.

CLAT 2019 exam pattern

Before you start preparing for CLAT 2019 and CLAT LLM 2019, you need to know question pattern. There are separate question patterns for UG and PG exam.

CLAT 2019 UG exam pattern

Total Time– 02 hours

Total Number of Questions– 200

Type of Questions – Multiple Choice Questions

Total Mark Per Question – 1 mark


CLAT 2019 PG Exam Pattern:

The total time– 02 hours

Total Number of Questions– 150

Type of Question– Multiple Choice Type Questions

Total Mark Per Question – 1 mark


Free CLAT mock test

Over 60,000 candidates fill the form. Out of these 60,000 candidates, 50,000 appear for the test. This is why, unless you are very serious about your preparation; you will find it difficult to crack the test at the very first chance. You need hard work, repetitive practice, good timetable, dedication, determination, and honesty to reach your target.

CLAT mock test websites and online test-taking portals

If you don’t have the affordability to take coaching guidance, you can go for Free CLAT mock tests available online. There are many dedicated websites offering these online for free and with a very small amount of money. Those websites or online portals include multiple sets of questions on General Knowledge and Current Affairs, Legal Aptitude, English (including comprehension), Logical Reasoning, and Elementary Mathematics (Numerical Ability). This is why students can easily check their performances and find weak areas.

There are many dedicated and advanced websites including good analytics for tracking perforce and giving valuable suggestion on how to improve performance and brush up the skills of the test takers. Interested law aspirants can register on these websites and become regular users.  Along with giving preparation tips for CLAT 2019 and CLAT LLM 2019, a vast majority of these websites prepares a different set of questions on their weak areas to repair lacunae and boost their skills.  Take the full advantage of this facility. Don’t let this opportunity slip from your hand.

A Critical Study on CLAT Exam Pattern 2019

CLAT, an acronym for Common Law Admission Test, is a law entrance test organized jointly by 21 National Law Universities (NLU) in India. The exam is one of the toughest exams conducted all over India. As the study reports have come from different sources, a record number of candidates could not crack the test each year. This is why law aspirants must be very careful and sincere about the test. Hard work, dedication, determination, and proper understanding of the CLAT exam pattern can help them achieve the finality.

Law aspirants can get admission to integrated LLB and LLM Programs for 3 years and 5 years, respectively, through this national level eligibility test exam

CLAT 2019 exam pattern

If you are a law aspirant preparing for the CLAT 2019 exam, you should be well aware of the exam pattern and other regulations associated with CLAT Exam 2019.

The exam for the admission year 2019-2020 is expected to hold on May 12 in paper-pen mode. The organizer, National Law University Odisha in Cuttack, has announced the test date. Although no significant changes found in the exam pattern in the last few years till 2018, this year is going to experience a notable change in the exam pattern. Unlike the previous years, the national level examination will be conducted in a pen-paper mode for the current year (2019).

CLAT 2019 announces offline exam 

The national-level law examination for 2019 will be administered offline. No online test will be taken in 2019 for getting admissions in 21 national law universities, including Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Dharmashastra National Law University, and (MPDNLU) in Jabalpur.

Registration for CLAT exam 2019

Candidates seeking admission to LLB and LLM Programs in 21 National Law Universities (NLU) in India can register their names to take part in the exam. Online registration is allowed till the end of January 2019. The registration window will be open for 30 days. The registration fee is 4000 INR.

CLAT sample papers and online test series

To be prepared for the exam, a candidate must follow the previous sample papers. Based on the previous papers and exam patterns, they need to work hard at least for 6 months. The candidates are to answer total marks of 200 in 200 questions. Therefore, each question carries one mark.

CLAT Online Test Series with Free CLAT Mock Test for 2019

Are you a law aspirant preparing for CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) 2019 exam to get admission in one of the 21 National Law Universities (NLU) of India? If yes, you are at the right destination to have CLAT online test series and free CLAT mock test for 2019.

Read this article carefully and practice CLAT online test series available here. You can boost your skill significantly that can help you crack the exam. Your dream from becoming a reputable advocate will come true.

CLAT Mock Test Marks Distribution

To meet the increasing demand for CLAT online test series for the practice, the portal has included many series along with free CLAT mock test for 2019.

CLAT 2019 exam pattern is going to follow the below marks distribution for admission to undergraduate programs in NLUs.

  • GK (General Knowledge) and Current Affairs: 50 Questions
  • Logical Reasoning: 40 Questions
  • Elementary Mathematics (Numerical Ability): 20 Questions
  • English (including Comprehension): 40 Questions
  • Legal Aptitude: 50 Questions

Each question carries 1 mark. Each wrong answer deducts 0.25 marks.

CLAT online test series on this portal have been designed in these five categories. Each category can be accessed separately at a time. However, you have to answer all questions within 2 hours. You have to attempt each question as no bonus question is provided for an alternative choice. As the complete process takes 2 hours and a few seconds to load on your browsers, it is always advisable to get a minimum 1 Mbps internet connection with 1 GB RAM to process each question smoothly. Make sure these before taking an online test. It will help you avoid disconnection and slower loading while answering the questions online.

CLAT Eligibility for 2019

As Common Law Admission Test is one of topmost national level eligibility test exam for UG and PG Programs offered through 21 National Law Universities in India, it sets a parameter to allow only the eligible candidates to take part in Common Law Admission Test 2019.

Given below is CLAT Eligibility for 2019:

Eligibility for Getting Admission to UG Program

Age Limit: The revised rules have confirmed no upper age limit for CLAT 2019. Anyone both female and male of any age can go for the test.

Academic Qualification: Interested candidates must pass 10+2 or any equivalent examination.

Rules for Appearing Candidates:  Candidates going to appear for the 10+2 or equivalent examination and expecting to get the result in hand within April/ May 2019 are also eligible to sit for the exam.

Needless to say, each candidate has to convert his or her grade into a percentage to process the candidature.

For PG Program

Age Limit: Like UG program, PG program has no upper age limit to appear in the post-graduate program.

Academic Qualification: Each candidate must pass LLB or any other equivalent degree.

Conditions for Appearing Candidates: Candidates expecting to get their LLB or any other equivalent degree within March/April 2019 are also eligible to appear in the exam.

However, the appearing candidates must show a hard copy as the proof of their passing of 10+2 or degree exam in respect to the time of admission in National Law Universities.