Top 10 Smart Techniques For CLAT Exam

If you are preparing for CLAT then you can follow these smart strategy techniques to overcome the issue of preparation:

  1. Plan a study plan

The first step for effective preparation is to plan out how and what will you study. This will help you distribute time among different areas of the syllabus. The only important thing is you need to stick to it.

  1. Know the CLAT 2019 exam pattern

You should be familiar with the CLAT 2019 exam pattern and syllabus. The syllabus and exam pattern renew every year so it is essential that you should be aware of the CLAT 2019 exam pattern and prepare according to it only. The online CLAT 2019 exam pattern is readily available all over the internet, you can always search for these free online CLAT 2019 exam pattern and plan your preparation accordingly.

  1. Time Management

For preparation you should divide the time for the syllabus as per requirement and also to read newspaper, magazines, paperbacks and solving mock tests. For attempting CLAT you should take up various mock test which are based on online CLAT 2019 exam pattern so that you can prepare for real exam.

  1. Planning the paper ahead

This can be achieved by attempting the online mock tests which are based on CLAT 2019 exam pattern. Also, looking through the free online CLAT 2019 exam pattern alone would also help you to workout the approach. You can always check the online CLAT 2019 exam pattern for better perspective.

  1. Reading

For a career in law, your vocabulary must be strong. You should always try and read some credible newspaper daily to improve your vocab, e.g. The Hindu.

  1. Study smart and selective only

You should always know the difference between hard work and smart work. You don’t need to know everything about some topic. Rather planning any subject strategically from good reading materials will be more helpful.

  1. Previous Years Papers

Solving previous year papers will help to manage time and also help you check your progress. Additionally, you should also solve latest mock test which are based on free online CLAT 2019 exam pattern to prepare as per the latest exam pattern and prepare more effectively.

  1. Concentrate on your GK section

GK is different subject as you need cram everything and remember it. Hence, you should always make brief GK notes this will help you retain the content.

  1. CLAT study materials.

You should go for best CLAT study materials available. Not just books but online help like mocks tests, previous year papers, test series. You should use different materials to ensure optimum preparation.

  1. Practice and be consistent

Practice is never enough for an exam like CLAT. And being consistent and regular is also very important to crack this exam. Just do not stop preparing because you might think that you have practised well all the sections and you are ready to face the exam but in reality, it is not enough.

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